Saturday, February 19, 2011

La Conjura de las Danzas: Volumen 6

01 THE SOUP DRAGONS soft as your face
02 SPIREA X nothing happened yesterday
03 THE THE this is the day
04 TOP buzzin
05 THE HIGH more
06 THE MOCK TURTLES magic boomerang
07 JAMES sit down
10 ABC look of love
11 FRAZIER CHORUS living room
12 THE WENDYS pulling my fingers off
13 JOE JACKSON steppin' out
14 A.R. KANE a love from outer space
15 THE CANDY SKINS never will forget you
16 THE FRANK AND WALTERS this is not a song
17 TROY TATE sorrow
18 THE KATYDIDS many of my friends
19 THE MILLTOWN BROTHERS which way should i jump
20 TREEBOUND STORY swimming in the heart of jane
21 WORLD OF TWIST she's a rainbow
22 PAUL HAIG something good
23 THE INSPIRAL CARPETS this is how it feels
24 THE BRIDEWELL TAXIS don't fear the reaper

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

La Conjura de las Danzas: Volumen 5

01 FANTASTIC SOMETHING if she doesn't smile
02 WOULD-BE-GOODS the camera loves me
03 THE FIELD MICE this love is not wrong
04 RAZORCUTS a is for alphabet
05 THE MOTORCYCLE BOY world falls into place
06 THE SEA URCHINS pristine christine
07 THE FARMER'S BOYS in the country
08 THE WAKE crush the flowers
09 THE IMPOSSIBLES how do you do it
10 McCARTHY i worked myself up from nothing
11 FELT sunlight bathed the golden glow
12 LOUIS PHILIPPE you may you
13 THE JASMINE MINKS cold heart
15 BRIGHTER poppy days
16 WALL OF ORCHIDS life must go on
17 GOL GAPPAS albert parker
18 THE CORN DOLLIES forever steven
19 REVOLVING PAINT DREAM down to the ground
20 THE PASTELS different drum
22 ACTION PAINTING! these things happen
23 THE MAYFIELDS deeper than the ocean
24 THE SERVANTS the sun
25 MIAOW when it all comes down
26 THIS POISON! engine failure
27 THE MONOCHROME SET wallflower
28 THE TRIFFIDS goodbye little boy
29 ULTRA VIVID SCENE staring at the sun
30 ANOTHER SUNNY DAY i'm in love with a girl

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

La Conjura de las Danzas: Volumen 4

01 PAUL KELLY don’t start me talking
02 BLUE RODEO til i am myself again
03 THE REPLACEMENTS when it began
04 NICK LOWE cruel to be kind
05 THE GRAPES OF WRATH misunderstanding
06 THE ROCKINGBIRDS jonathan jonathan
07 MATTHEW SWEET waiting
08 THE BARRACAUDAS it’s easy
09 INTO PARADISE i want you
10 THE GODFATHERS love is dead
11 CHRIS STAMEY the company of light
12 ANTENNA eyes of a stranger
13 KEVIN MCDERMOTT somebody to believe in
14 THE JACK RUBIES falling
15 BIG DIPPER she’s fetching
16 TOM VERLAINE stalingrad
17 RED KROSS bubblegum factory
18 THE DENTIST spaceman
19 ANDY WHITE he’s out there
20 FLYING COLOR dear friend
21 THE SAINTS grains of sand
22 BANDOLA til tuesday
23 SQUEEZE is that love
24 THE PUSHWANGERS i won’t get out of bed
25 THE SMITHEREENS she’s got a way
27 BEN VAUGHN she’s your problem now
28 THE VULGAR BOATMEN you don’t love me yet

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