Sunday, February 26, 2012

La Conjura de las Danzas: Volumen 14

01 THE BATS boogey man
02 POVERTY STINKS there must be
03 LUNA time
04 GRAHAM PARKER ten girls ago
05 GRANT MCLENNAN easy come easy go
06 THE SKELETONS downtown
07 THE HOLLOW MEN pink panther
08 NICE dear john
09 THE HOUSE OF LOVE the girl with the loneliest eyes
10 THE JENNIFERS tomorrow's rain
11 GIGOLO AUNTS down on me
12 TEENAGE FANCLUB guiding star
13 THE PASTELS thru' your heart
14 THE WHAT GIVES marianne claims
15 BLUE AEROPLANES yr own world
16 PSYCHEDELIC FURS until she comes
17 THE SCABS don't you know
18 CLEOPATRA WONG thank you
19 PURE aspidistra
20 BIG RAY spaces inbetween
21 THE JUDYBATS our story
22 XTC the ballad of peter pumpkinhead
23 THE LA’S feelin'
24 ROGER MCGUINN someone to love
25 KENDRA SMITH stars are in your eyes
26 POWER OF DREAMS had you listened

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